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Don’t judge. I created this website to contain the most convincing flat Earth proofs out there. Have a test of my 100 flat Earth proofs. These proofs accumulated over hundreds of hours of research.

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How in 2018 do people believe the world is flat?!?!!?

Well I was reading Eric Dubay’s 200 Proofs of the Earth not being a spinning ball. When I first heared of flat Earth, I casually thought I could debunk the “proofs”. I was definitely wrong about that, as I discovered more, I became very interested in flat Earth phenomina which can be observed here on Earth.

7 Quick Flat Earth Proofs

Biblical Earth

1. 100+ verses in the Bible pertaining to the flat Earth, or you could call it the “Ancient Hebrew conception of the universe”. Approximately 2 billion people around the world believe in a book (myself included) which describes the Earth being both stationary and flat. View More Details

2. Long distance photographs, you see too far. Using a high zoom camera you can view distances as far as 440km, if you use an infrared camera you can view distances as far as 2000km. These distances seem far, how far can you see on a globe the size of Earth?

According to the mainstream calculations for the distance to horizon, from a mountain the height of mount Everest (8850m) you would be able to see 379km, from an airplane flying at an altitude of 11km, the distance to the horizon is 423km. Read More

3. Modern Military Systems operate on a Planar (flat) model, Navy missile instructor Sean McCrary attests to the planar model being used in computer missile guidence systems. “So what that draws into it all is whenever that missle is in flight, there’s absolutely no signals that are being sent to it that deal with the coriolis effect, there’s no signals that deal with curvature and dealing with curvature trigonometry, it’s based upon a planar model,”


4. Surveyors and engineers don’t take into account of the curvature of the Earth, the most common form of surveying for an engineering project is called “plane surveying” used for highways, railways, canals etc. These projects cover hundreds of Kilometres without taking into account the curvature of the Earth.


5. Government documents using flat Earth trigonometry instead of spherical Earth calculations. These documents are sourced from NASA and multiple government and military websites. More Details

Moon Landing

6. The moon landing was faked, check out AULIS, a website developed by PHD’s to analyse the moon landing shots, they came to the conclusion the footage was not authentic. Their analysis included ray tracing to determine the sources of light in the images.  //

Blue Moon

7. Moon light is cold, objects in the shade are higher in temperature than objects in direct moonlight. This contradicts the heliocentric model as the moon light should not affect the temperature of the ground. Also moonlight is a different colour than sunlight.

Clarifying the Flat Earth Model

If there’s anything most flat-Earthers do not believe, it’s the idea of a flat disc Earth flying through space, along with the rest of the heliocentric model. The flat Earth model is not compatable with the heliocentric model and gravity. The laws of density and buoyancy of matter explain the effect of “gravity” on Earth.

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